C Section Scar Tissue

How to care for C Section Scar Tissue

If you have just given birth by way of a cesarean section you will be left with C Sections Scar Tissue. Scar Tissue it the result of  having any surgery and the resulting scar is something we all hope will be as small as possible.

There are two types of incisions made when having a C Section birth, the lower transverse, side to side cut or the longer vertical up and down cut. In general the majority of cesarean operations are done with the lower horizontal cut. It is usually only in emergency situations that the vertical cut is carried out.

For the initial weeks after your c-section, your body will heal by making scar tissue, this is where collagen is deposited into the wound area, this is what makes the scar take on a raised, crimson appearance. This is natural and as time passes your scar will take on a much less red color and become far less visible.

The majority of Cesarean scars are Hypertrophic scars rather than Keltoid scars. Both of these scar types are initially raised above the skin, however hypertrophic scars are confined to the wound and will after time become flat and return to normal skin color, normally within a couple of years. However Keltoid scars on the other hand can spread beyond the wound and may stay a deep red color and raised for a very long period, sometimes for many years.

Most women giving birth by C Section  will experience a numbness around the incision area and even in the abdomen for many days  after the surgery. This is a result of the nerves, not any muscle, area being cut and it will take some time for any normal  feeling to be restored.

The speed at which a women’s C Section Scar Tissue heals and the degree of any remaining scar will depend on many factors, the type of surgery, your age, your genetics and how well you take care of yourself afterwards.

C Section Scar Tissue

C Section Car Tissue – What you can do to help!

There are many things you can do to help yourself and that will help therefore minimize or even prevent excessive scarring following surgery.

Firstly you should follow a healthy organic diet and make sure you drink plenty of natural mineral water, eating enough fresh fruit and vegetables particularly those containing plenty of vitamin C like oranges and kiwi, not only is this important for you it is also very good for your new born baby, especially if your breast feeding.

It is also critical that you take proper care of your wound making sure you avoid any chance of infection and that you also limit any excessive exposure to the sun. Many find the use of a silicone dressing can help limit any scarring so using silicone scar sheets may well be worth a try.

Most women will struggle with the thought of having a C Section scar after having a cesarean birth, but providing you take care of your C Section Scar Tissue in the early stages with you can minimize the appearance of that c section scar sooner rather than later.

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